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IDF Lone Soldiers Lazer Llyod Chanukah Benefit Concert

December 3, 2018 - 8:00 PM
Aish Kodesh-downstairs in the social hall
894 Woodmere Place

Nevut and the IDF Lone Soldier Veterans invites the community to a Chanukah Benefit Concert with Lazer Lloyd, Israel’s King of Blues Rock.
It will be a beautiful evening with music and dancing, delicious dairy buffet and of course doughnuts and latkes.
Come to meet and hear the incredible stories of some amazing veterans, and about Nevut- the new grassroots organization for the IDF lone soldier veterans.
An evening of inspiration and fun that you don’t want to miss!
Monday, Dec. 3 ~ Night 2 ~ 8:00 PM ~ Aish Kodesh Woodmere
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About Nevut Lone Soldier Veterans
Every year 300 lone soldier veterans return to the United States after completing their service. The transition can be challenging.┬áNevut’s┬ámission is to help them stay connected to each other and their Jewish roots, build a loving and stable family and become a leader in their community.
contact office@nevut.org